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A Taste of the Tropics: Brussels Sprout Salad with Mango & Feijoa

Raise your hand if you like tropical fruits?! Can you see my hand up?? It was only a couple weeks ago that I posted some fabulous mango recipes, using the various mangos sent to me by the great folks at the Mango Board. My kids were upset that I used up most of the mangos […]

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A White Rose Cake for the DailyBuzz Moms 9×9

I have often shared with you how I could live forever in a garden filled with flowers. Despite my allergies towards these often breath-taking beauties, I absolutely adore flowers. When I got married, my bouquet was simple: an elegant bunch of purple calle lilies, my favorite bud. Since then, I’ve added hydrangeas, camelias and my […]

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The California Grilled Cheese with Avocado

Cheese. I’ve been in love with cheese all my life. When I was a wee tot, living in Iran, every morning I ate my lavash (flat bread), feta and jam. This was all the cheese I knew. Things changed when we came to the U.S. and moved to Texas. I became one of many elementary […]

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Marital Bliss Found in an Avocado

The following is a typical scenario at our house, and did actually occur just last week: Thursday night, hubby asks me after dinner: “What are you making for breakfast when my buddy M comes over to make that pomegranate wine?” My response, “Huh? What time is he coming over?” Hubby responds, “The whole family is […]

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Mango Madness – Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

I can’t believe that it’s almost two weeks since my Camp Blogaway weekend, and I still haven’t found the time to write a recap about everything I learned while there. I am a rather quiet wallflower when it comes to big events. I tend to gravitate to what is comfortable: people I know, situations that […]

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Saffron & Raisin Pound Cake and a Giveaway!

As I have mentioned time and time again on my blog, I do not consider myself a baker. I do not have the training or second sense when it comes to baking. Nor, do I have the patience to meticulously decorate my baked creations. I gravitate towards simpler desserts, where a primary ingredient gets all […]

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Tips & Recipes for Dad about Mother’s Day

Yes, that’s me. I am in front of the hospital going in to deliver baby #3, my Princess. There’s no other way to say it: I wAS HUGE!! It’s only normal for me to think about my own babies as Mother’s Day is approaching. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to […]

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Strolling Through the Avocado Groves

Last month I was invited by the California Avocado Commission to tour an avocado ranch and packing house. Considering my obsession with avocados, this was a no-brainer! Unfortunately, family commitments and a death in the family kept me from attending this amazing event. So, I asked my dear friend, recipe tester and bargain-queen extraordinaire, Annabell, […]

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Green Almond Stew (Khorest-eh Chagaleh Badam)

It is mid-spring and we are in the peak of green almond season. This is the unriped almond and the whole pod is edible. Never tried a green almond, let alone heard of one? Well you are missing out! It’s crunchy and tangy inside and Persians love to eat them with a bit salt sprinkled […]

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A Lost Treasure in San Diego: The Leo Carillo Ranch

There are some weekends in our family life, where it seems we have nothing at all to do and no one calls the house. No invite anywhere. No phone ringing. Just an average boring weekend. Then, there are those weekends where we have 5 activities all occurring at the same time. You are go-go-go from […]

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