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Sangria Artichoke with Garlic Butter

Aaaah… my artichoke love affair continues! Steam them, grill them or roast them, even canned and pickled, I love artichokes. Some may argue it’s all about the dipping sauce. It’s like a chip that needs a dip. But sometimes a really good artichoke only needs a bit of salt & drizzle of lemon juice. Frieda’s […]

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Tequila Lime Artichokes

I think I’m in love. Actually, I know I’m in love. Sssh!! Don’t tell my husband. It’s my new lens. I’m so in love with this new lens that it’s making simple food photography so much fun. After years of photography frustration, I’m finally happy with my pictures. And honestly, I’m not just in love […]

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The Sake Mojito by

The Sake Mojito… YES, PLEASE!!!

The warmer weather means it’s time to take the party outside! From the grill to the pool to the park, everyone is starting to pour out into the sunshine. And with every party, barbecue or hang out, you need a party drink. And boy, do I have THE drink for you. The Sake Mojito. I […]

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A Lesson on Oils

I never thought much about the oils I used in my food when I first started cooking for myself. I think I had just one bottle of vegetable oil in my cupboard. Sometimes, I’m sure, I had butter in the fridge, but that was mostly for my toast or baking. When I delved deeper into […]

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Summer Dreamin’ Orange Sherbet

We’re almost halfway into April and that means the warm summer months aren’t too far behind. If you are thawing out of an icy winter, then you are totally looking forward to warmer weather. I’m a wimp to cold weather so I am always wanting the sun to shine. But, it’s only spring. And there […]

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What’s for Dinner Tonight? Spatchcocked Chicken with Mint & Garlic

I got some new toys to play with several months ago, but never found the time to play with them. This is story of my stay-at-home-life. It’s no surprise, as a wife and mom, that I’m bottom on the family totem pole. When I was in high school, what seems like a lifetime ago, I […]

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Silky Vanilla Pastry Cream with Sponge Cake

I love to cook. Isn’t that obvious? I have a cooking blog, so therefore I love to cook, right? This means I have an overabundance of cooking magazines in my house, recipe clippings I’ve snuck out of magazines from doctor offices and a vast collection of cookbooks to turn to. And then there are my […]

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Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

April is here and my kids are home for Spring Break. No road trips this time as we are still recovering from a road trip last February and a camping trip this past weekend with the cub scouts. The rain is gone and it looks like a glorious week ahead, with sunny weather and blue […]

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