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Avocado Hummus by

Avocado Love with Avocado Hummus

Go beyond the guac with these creative ways to use avocado, like Avocado Hummus and Avocado Cole Slaw. I think I’ve made myself quite clear that my family and I love and adore avocados. We even have our own precious avocado tree. This is my husband’s mistress, as I like to joke. Alongside with our […]

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Cardamom Kumquat Bars by

Cardamom Kumquat Bars

Move over lemon bars. Everyone will swoon over these decadent Cardamom Kumquat Bars. Have you ever tried kumquats? I’m amazed that many of my friends know about kumquats, but have never tried them. I suppose a lot of the problem is the confusion on how to eat a kumquat. Because, the kumquat is opposite of […]

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My Camp Blogaway Wrap Up

In my house, I have a magical kitchen sink. Everyone in my family places their dirty dishes, cups and utensils in this magic sink. And, without them ever lifting a finger, the dishes get washed. Of course, we can guess who makes the magic happen. Of course, it’s me. The same seems to go with […]

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