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Another Sick Kid & March’s YBR

Middle-Child is sick again. This time it’s allergies. And I only have myself to blame, as I am the one with the seasonal allergy problem and he inherited it from his loving mom. My husband was kind enough to point this out this morning. He’s on a business trip all week and misses the kids […]

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Dutch Oven Recipes: Campfire Berry Cobbler by

Dutch Oven Recipes for Camping Trips

We are a scouting family. I have two boys in Cub Scouts, and my husband as the Cub Master. Sometimes I wonder who is more excited to be a scout, my sons or my husband? Either way, it’s a win-win situation for us. As a family, we have learned so much through scouting, and we […]

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TGIF and HSN Giveaway!

What a week! Between family festivities, doing taxes and getting ready for a big camping trip this weekend, I’m not sure which way is up. I am excited to share with you a little giveaway I am hosting. You know the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Come on admit it. You are a big fan! My […]

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Happy Noruz!

This Sunday, March 20th, at 4:21 PST Spring will arrive! The Persian New Year will also begin. There are many reasons why I love this holiday, putting aside that it dates back 3000 years. Spring has always been symbolic as a time of rebirth, where the cold winter is over, and the beauty of spring […]

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Persian Herb Quiche (Kookoo Sabzi) by

The Persian New Year and Kookoo-yeh Sabzi

With all the chaos in my household, I forgot yesterday was Chahr-Shambeh Souri. This is the Tuesday night prior to Nowruz (Persian New Year) where you jump over flames to ward off evil. Sounds dangerous to an outsider, but it’s a very symbolic gesture. Alas, my hubby is out-of-town this week, in the cold-still-feels-like-winter-Wisconsin and […]

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A Lesson Learned & Meat Loaf with Chorizo

When your kids are young, they look up to their parents and see us as Wonder Woman and Superman. Or, at least, that’s how I translate their admiration for us! These short people with minds of mush turn to dear Mom and Dad to answer their million questions: “How does the car move?” “Will a […]

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