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Time to Get Smart and February’s YBR!

  Wow, February is ending and March is here! It seemed like winter lasted forever and yet I can’t believe it’s almost over. I cannot handle the long nights and I’m looking forward to March 21st, the first day of Spring! And to sum up February, and all the fabulous foods we all created in […]

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Oxtail Bourguignonne by

Oxtail Bourguignonne

How do you start your week with a simple roast chicken and end it with Oxtail Bourguignonne? I don’t know. That’s how I fly in my house! I realized I was getting burned out in the kitchen and I needed to jump start myself out of my rut. I found this recipe in my February […]

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Valentine Thoughts and a Black Forest Cake

Valentine’s Day is not a holiday we celebrate in our house. In fact, if it wasn’t for school and Valentine exchanges in class, my kids would not know much about it at all. Scratch that. Mimi takes care of that. My mom, being your typical doting grandmother, finds every and any reason to bestow gifts […]

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Foodie Fun with Photoshop

I survived last week. No, no storm in San Diego. Just three sick kids spanning one week: 2 stomach flus and a bad cold. I was totally unmotivated to cook. My camera sat still on the desk untouched. I read food blogs, but had no desire to get up and cook and clean. Instead I […]

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