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Resolutions with Pears and Camembert

This is not your normal new year’s resolutions post, especially after all the warm-fuzzy feelings and good-tidings-to-man just a short week ago. I have found myself at the end of 2011, feeling worn out. It’s not just because of the usual holiday parties, shopping and gift giving and cooking. It’s more than just being a […]

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Easy Holiday Roast Recipes

Who’s ready for the holidays? Not me! The hubby took two weeks off not for an exotic vacation at a Caribbean resort or for a luxurious European tour, but to stay home and do projects around the house. He is frantically painting and fixing up our gues bathroom in time for family dinner number #1 […]

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DailyBuzz Moms 9×9: Deck The Doors!

My kids tell me that Christmas is five days away. They know this because our little Santa countdown tells us so. Each day the three kids take turns changing the cubes to one less day. They’ve been pretty considerate when it’s not their turn and remind the responsible sibling to not forget their designated chore. […]

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Pomegranate Fudge by

Meeting My Nemesis & Pomegranate Fudge

This week I have been frantically getting some much needed holiday shopping done. One of my favorite spots to get a quick and healthy lunch is Rubio’s. For non-Californians, Rubio’s offers fresh Mexican food inspired by Baja California, that strip of Mexico you see dangling in the ocean. No Rubio’s isn’t paying me to write […]

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Orange & Sage Spatchcocked Turkey

We’ve got two weeks ’til Christmas and I’ve barely made a dent in my holiday shopping. I’ve done a lot online, but I think my main problem is that there’s nothing out there I really want to buy. Take the kids, for example. The boys have a ton of Legos – why do we need […]

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Homemade Holiday Gift Idea: Pomegranate Vodka

How do you shop for gifts? Are you a mall shopper? An onine shopper? Do you prefer boutiques to national chains? Maybe you are a crafter, an artist or a builder? Me? I prefer homemade gifts, to give out and to receive. But not everyone has a sweet tooth or wants a box of cookies […]

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Enjoy Pomegranates for Breakfast!

About a month ago, my family and I travelled an hour north of San Diego to Fallbrook, on a misstion to visit an avocado orchard. The ranch belongs to the parents of a good friend of ours. And being the recipient of many of my recipes to taste-test, he was kind enough to arrange our […]

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Cooking With Salsa

Cooking With Salsa

I’m a big fan of shopping local and supporting small businesses. I am also all about brand loyalty. When I find something I really like, I will continue buying it again and again. When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, I like to shop in smaller markets, especially since they do their best to […]

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The Joys of Saffron and a Holiday Giveaway For You!

The Joys of Saffron and a Holiday Giveaway For You!

Saffron. This exotic spice evokes images and scents of far and exotic places. Outdoor markets, or bazaars, filled with dates, nuts and tea leaves. It’s deep red threads yields a gorgeous and rich yellow color when soaked in hot water, making it a wonderful natural dye. But, it also carries a distinct aroma that reminds […]

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Whole Wheat Pomegranate Scones and a Guest Post

To my readers in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day of reflection for most. A time to appreciate all that we have, to help those in need and to remember how our country first began. Every day, I recognize how truly blessed I am for my husband and children, and the laughter, […]

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