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Pomegranate-Banana Bread

I still have some pomegranate arils in my fridge. The last from my great pomegranate project! My kids have been eyeing the big tupperware full of ruby-red pomegranate seeds and begging to eat them. I reserved a cupful for this recipe, and fed them the rest. My hubby told me that even though he loved […]

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How To Juice A Pomegranate

When you are given over 40 pomegranates to go to town with, you get to explore everything about this glorious fruit. My husband is an engineer, and a very efficient one, too! He likes to do things the right way, with the least amount of waste. Sometimes it requires a lot more work, sometimes short […]

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Pomegranate Cocktails for My Very Special POM Party by

My Very Special POM Party

So now I can share with you what has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks! I had the great privilege of being selected by POM pomegranates to host a pomegranate party. This was another great opportunity that FoodBuzz has provided me. And since my family ADORES pomegranates, cooking with you was a […]

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How To Seed A Pomegranate

POM Pomegranates was kind enough to send me over 40 pomegranates to use in developing recipes. My kids love eating the seeds, called “arils”, by themselves. They are an antioxidant power-house and rich in fiber and vitamins. What’s not to love? My family also has a pomegranate tree in our yard, with easy access to […]

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Vons Grocery Delivery

This month Vons/Safeway via FoodBuzz offered me a $100 stipend to order groceries using their online delivery service, and to write a blog post about it. I’ve always wanted to try this service, and since I had this big pomegranate party to shop for, I signed up for this great opportunity. I have to admit […]

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Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Yes, I’m Still Here! All is well. Everything is fine. Just busy, busy, busy. It started when the kids returned to school in the fall and continued through Halloween and it’s still crazy a week shy of Thanksgiving! It’s the busiest time for home-cooks and I’ve been busy cooking, too. And not for Thanksgiving, as […]

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Let’s Talk Turkey

I am one of those people that TOTALLY looks forward to Thanksgiving every year. I am actually sad that I don’t get to host the Thanksgiving dinner. I am sick in the head, I know. It’s just that I LOVE roasted turkey and all the fixings. And even though every year we go to my […]

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Lunch with My Peeps

A funny thing happens when people learn you like to cook and that you have a food blog/website. You have a gaggle of taste-testers waiting for a bite to sample. Well, since I’ve been doing this for a couple years, my friends have been my guinea pigs and my best critics for my cooking. Well, […]

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