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Whole Wheat Witch Finger Cookies by

Whole Wheat Witch Finger Cookies

Here’s a spooky treat that is hidden with fiber: Whole Wheat Whole Wheat Witch Finger Cookies. I am totally enjoying the amazing amount of creativity that out there on the world wide web. So many fabulous home-grown cooks and bakers are showing off their talents and blowing me away. It used to be that you […]

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Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate Dolmeh by

Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate Dolmeh

Here is one favorite way to prepare Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves: Beef and Pomegranate. The Greeks call this dish “dolmata.” The Persians call this dish “dolmeh.” I just call these little bundles of joy, INCREDIBLE! We, Persians, like to stuff everything: red peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and every guest’s bellies until they burst! I was […]

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BB: East Hampton Clam Chowda!

I am sooooo very excited to post this next line: Ahem! Ladies and gentleman Family Spice is so happy to choose one of the recipes for October’s Barefoot Bloggers! Yeah! Most of us are experiencing the change of weather, the shorter days, the cooler temperatures. Even San Diego nights are nippy again, of course, San […]

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Persian Okra Stew - Khoreshteh Bamieh by

Persian Okra Stew (Khoreshteh Bamieh)

A wonderful way to showcase okras is with this delicious Persian Okra Stew (Khoreshteh Bamieh). The colder seasons seem to spark this conversation of “comfort foods.” Of course, comfort foods are different for everyone. For our family, it usually evokes images of Persian stews. They are warm, hearty, full of vegetables and meats of your […]

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Kitty Litter Cake by

Kitty Litter Cake

Gross your friends and family out this Halloween this fabulous practical joke of a dessert: The Kitty Litter Cake! My family loves Halloween. And I’m not going into a religious debate about this being a pagan holiday and all. For us, it’s about fun. We get to dress up, pull pranks on each other, have […]

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