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Blueberry-Cream Cheese Brownies

I suppose you can classify me as a bona fide choco-holic. I adore chocolate. I am the quintessential mom who has a secret stash of good chocolate hidden in the kitchen, usually chilled in the refrigerator. I take a little square in the afternoon to get my fix, and on a bad day, I take […]

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Blueberry-Cherry Rice

I suppose I have blueberries on my mind. They are available everywhere now, and my kids can gobble up a pint or two of fresh blueberries in a flash. In fact, I don’t often get too cook or bake with fresh blueberries because they get eaten before I can my hands on them! Not that […]

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Avocado Tomatillo Roll by

Avocado Tomatillo Roll

Summer has finally hit San Diego and our weather has definitely heated up! Lucky for us, we have great friends with pools and we get invited often enough for my kids to say, “I don’t want to swim today, AGAIN?!!!” But, as always, when they get together with their friends, they forget about their complaints […]

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Sundried Tomato Dip

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am a fan of quick, easy and delicious. Not everything I makes the cut, for sure. Today the kids and I got together with some school friends for an afternoon at the pool. If kids are around, I usually like to bring a dessert, mostly so […]

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Salisbury Steak with Purple Mashed Potatoes by

Salisbury Steak with Purple Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes you need to make the classics. One great economical meat is ground beef. If we’re not making kabobs with it, my other simple meal is spaghetti with meat sauce. My son, The Professor, discovered salisbury steak at school. Buying lunch is a treat for him, so it was one of those rushed mornings where […]

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Peach-Pretzel Tart

Summer desserts are something special. With so many choices of fresh fruits, the possibilities are endless. One fruit that is now in season is the peach. Yummy! My kids also love fresh fruit. I find myself baking with fruit less and less because they will eat the fruit as is. But that doesn’t stop me […]

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Boudin Sourdough Factory

Our adventures continue in San Francisco. I admit that I wasn’t sure if my kids would enjoy this part of our trip. Was San Fran kid-friendly? I think the answer is definitely YES! Since we live in the burbs of San Diego, staying in a big city offered a lot for my kids to see […]

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Cioppino’s Restaurant

Hard to believe that it’s July and you need to wear a jacket while wandering around downtown San Francisco! My kids and I enjoyed a day of riding cable cars, climbing up and down Lombard street and exploring Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Square. Sometimes we forget that we are traveling with children and my husband […]

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