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Gluten Free Breakfast Bars by

Gluten Free Breakfast Bars

You don’t need to buy those expensive protein bars when you can easily whip up a batch of Gluten Free Breakfast Bars.Since summer is here, I have been struggling a bit to not eat the same foods that my kids eat. Of course, I don’t feed them junk. Their lunches and dinners are healthy. But, I […]

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Caramelized Onion Dip with Beer by

Caramelized Onion Dip with Beer

Take your party onion dip to the next level with this recipe for Caramelized Onion Dip with Beer. With summer here, so are the parties. Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, family brunch or a nice evening meal with friends, I’m finding myself in the kitchen preparing and bringing a homemade dish. If I’m not asked […]

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Mahi Mahi with Mango-Avocado Salsa

I love the selection of fruits and vegetables available during the summer months. I was digging through my recipe file, looking for a healthy dinner that screams summer. We had some mahi-mahi (dorado) in the freezer, the last batch from my husband’s fishing trip. But what to do with it? That’s when I found this […]

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Buttermilk Pancakes With Berry Maple Syrup by

Buttermilk Pancakes With Berry Maple Syrup

Make your morning pancakes shine with a serious helping of Berry Maple Syrup – berries included, of course. This has been an interesting week in the kitchen. Over the weekend, our 7-year-old water heater busted. In the meantime, until it gets fixed, we are out of hot water. My hubby has a gym at work, […]

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Grilled Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast

Butterflied and stuffed, this delicious Grilled Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast makes a wonderful roast for a weeknight meal or dinner party. Did I mention that I love summer?! Since the days are longer, I’m finding every excuse to grill outside. And one of my favorite cuts of meat is the pork tenderloin. I buy the […]

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Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies by

Coconut Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Like little bird nests holding jeweled jam delights, these coconut jam thumbprint cookies make a wonderful holiday cookie or a sweet treat for your hot tea. As you can imagine, after baking for school all week, I was getting a little burnt out and left uninspired. After baking up Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars, Oatmeal Fudge Bars […]

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