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Birthday Cakes Part Two

I realized that I might have you all hanging with the outcome of my last two cakes! As I mentioned earlier, my big boy has turned eight and we all celebrated by eating his favorite dinner, steak. We grilled a beautiful beef tenderloin and served it with corn on the cob, roasted asparagus and green […]

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Outrageous Coffee Brownies

So, it was one of those afternoons that I was cooking dinner with the Food Channel buzzing in the background. I was looking for inspiration between the hollering and fighting between the kidlets. Somewhere while chopping onions, I heard Ina Garten mention brownies? Did someone say BROWNIES? I quickly dropped my knife and plopped in front […]

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Healthy Cinco De Mayo Eats: Guacamole

Living in Southern California we obviously have a large Mexican influence with the foods we eat. And having lived in Arizona and Texas, as well, you can say that I’ve been eating Mexican food most of my life. So why wait for Cinco De Mayo to indulge? Many times I’ve heard how Mexican food is […]

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Birthday Cakes

Birthday season is upon us: parties, invitations, goody bags – Oh my! My eldest, the professor, is turning eight this Saturday. We are skipping the big party with friends and family this year and trading it in for the Disneyland weekend. But, with the small family dinner planned for his big day, I know my boy is […]

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Strawberry Peach Sangria by

Strawberry & Peach Sangria

Whether for brunch, lunch or to unwind after a long day, this Strawberry Peach Sangria is refreshing and fruity. Now that the weather is warming up, it is time to sit back, light up the bbq, invite friends over and make a pitcher of something yummy to drink. And with fruits becoming more readily available, […]

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Decadent and Easy Lemon Bars by

Decadent and Easy Lemon Bars

Citrus desserts are simply refreshing. These easy lemon bars are not only quick to whip up, but will also disappear just as quickly. My aunt grew up on a farm in the mid-west with her 10-or-so siblings. When I attended the University of Arizona, I was lucky to live close to my aunt and uncle. […]

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Natural Food Dyes For Easter Eggs by

Easter Eggs Go Green

With all this talk about “Going Green” and keeping things “Organic” I decided to do something different with the kiddos this year for Easter. Why buy these outrageous dyes and why not try making our own dyes using natural items that we have in our pantry and in our refrigerator? All three kids were excited […]

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